Tenvir-Em Cipla Tablet Dosage, Uses And Side Effec
Tenvir-Em Cipla Tablet Dosage, Uses And Side Effects

Tenvir EM is used as part of a regiment of antiretroviral medications to treat HIV-1 in adults over 18. A single pill contains a combination of two anti-HIV drugs, emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate; however, tenvir-em cipla must be taken with at least one other anti-HIV medication to prevent HIV from progressing to AIDS. The two antiretroviral drugs in Tenvir-EM tablets each work by inhibiting the action of the viral-specific enzyme reverse transcriptase (RT) which is needed for the virus to be able to replicate.

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Emtricitabine is an analogue of cytidine and tenofovir is an analogue of adenosine. The combined action of these two antiiretroviral Buy tenvir-em cipla tablets online that prevents the integration of the virus into the DNA of the infected CD4+ immune cell, which inhibits the replication of HIV so that no more virus can be produced and this reduces the viral load (amount of virus). Tenvir-EM tablets slow down the replication of HIV within your body but does not kill the virus already incorporated in the CD4+ cells or prevent the spread of the infection to others.

Viraday Tablet Dosage, Uses And Side Effects

HIV impairs the immune system by attacking specific immune cells called CD4+ cells that are involved in fighting infection, which can lead to opportunistic life-threatening infection (infections that would not normally be harmful); also if too many CD4+ cells are destroyed this can result in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Buy viraday online india prevent or slow down the ability of HIV to replicate and spread, which keeps the amount virus down to a low level and this results in an increase in CD4 cell numbers, so that the immune system can recover, reducing the risk of disease progression.